• product backlog
  • release list
  • defects
  • project tracking
  • sprint backlog
  • active sprint
  • logbook
  • tags and team mates list


  • create user stories, defects, ideas
  • manage multiple user stories at once with multi-select
  • filter stories by tags
  • sort by status, priority
  • group by release, sprint, tag and team mate
  • prioritize stories using drag'n'drop
  • full text search
  • track progress of stories, defects and tasks


  • estimate in story points
  • importance value (based on business value)
  • team priority (MoSCoW technique)
  • define user story acceptance test criteria
  • notes
  • multiple tags
  • assign to release and sprint
  • due date notification reminders
  • share by email


  • create and plan
  • importance value (based on business value)
  • assign user stories
  • easily move stories between releases
  • progress report features and remaining work
  • velocity chart


  • create and plan iterations
  • define sprint’s goals
  • assign user stories
  • easily move stories between iterations
  • setup sprint velocity
  • run and stop
  • track progress of features (story points) and task (hours)
  • sprint burndown chart


  • breakdown user stories into tasks
  • estimate in hours
  • set status of progress to 'Not started', 'In progress' or 'Completed'
  • assign tasks to team members
  • due date
  • priority


  • track user stories, defects and tasks
  • track actual and planned sprint’s velocity
  • release burndown charts
  • sprint burndown chart
  • velocity chart


  • export Stories and Tasks to XML, HTML, PDF
  • share exported files to Dropbox, Box, CloudApp, FTP or via email
  • print projects, sprints, custom user stories


  • multiple projects support
  • iOS notifications
  • full user stories searching including notes and tags
  • address book integration
  • document duplication